Hello, and thank you for visiting my EdTech Learning Log!

Use the menu above to navigate this website – it will be with you on every page. Feel free to check out my blog or any of the links above. If you have any feedback, please let me know! I am alway looking for ways to improve, so any sort of feedback – especially honest critiques – are very welcome!

I’ll be blogging and updating this website as I am learning and going through my coursework. This site is to serve as a means of sharing my process of learning, stage by stage. As my learning and understanding of various aspects of educational technology grows, so (hopefully) will this website.

As a brief introduction, my name is Levi Fletcher and I am a high school math teacher. I am in my first term at Boise State  and have hopes of getting into the MSET program. Currently I am taking Ed Tech 501 and 503. I’m so much about a world I know so little about.

Again, thanks for checking out and exploring my Ed Tech Learning Log. I hope you enjoy it.